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Hi Toni, 

well ... i work with Check Point since almost 20 years. I dont think i dont need any of your ATC courses since i have more practical knowlede as almost all your trainers. 

I know  this is not polite what i am writing but it was also not polite from your side! Not everybody need a trainer. I only need this as a reference  for my library to have a look at it. 

I  dont need any deeper explanation for the content. I just want to buy a book were things are put together so is dont need to look up everything on your web page. Since there is almost everything you need to survive. 

So just to be fair. Books are needed and should be available for everybody on this planet. Course is nice but now suitable for everyone - timebased and knowled based as well.

Sorry for my harsh words but i am sick of this topic. Thank you. 

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