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No Certificate after passing CCSA

I passed my CCSA but up till now I still haven't received my certificate and my person vue and user center email address is the same: 


Please assist on the way forward.


Thank you.

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Re: No Certificate after passing CCSA

This can sometimes take one or two weeks until the certification is visible in the user center.


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Re: No Certificate after passing CCSA

According to Pearson Vue it can take up to three weeks for the certificate to show up. Usual time is 1-2 weeks.

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Re: No Certificate after passing CCSA

Is this that you didn't recieve a printed Certificate or that it hasn't registered in your UserCentre Account.

Possibly me being old but back in the old days you used to recieve a printed certificate in the post, which no longer get at all.  Instead you print it out yourself if bothered once attached to your UC account.

If email addresses are the same and hasn't shown up then would contact account services, they will likely want your email address confirmation, along with a screenshot of your PearsonVUE showing you passed the course.

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