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Tip of the Week - Using Identity Awareness AD Query without Administrator Privileges

The Identity Awareness AD Query is designed to work when provided an Active Directory domain administrator user. However, you can also set it up with a Non-Admin user, given specific permissions.

Read this SecureKnowledge article for more information.

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@_Val_ , I am repeatedly running into situations where clients are not happy about either option.

Obviously, non-AD Administrator option is preferable, but it still described as requiring full Server Operator privileges.

I doubt that all of the privileges in that group are necessary, but CP documentation does not address specific rights that could be removed from this account.

The Identity Collector is not always an option, depending on the structure of organizations.

You can see, for instance, how the competition is addressing this here:

Configure a Service Account for the PAN-OS Integrated User-ID Agent


It would help if you can say which particular privileges are excessive, in you opinion


To begin with, Domain Administrator requirement goes completely against Microsoft's own recommendations.

Microsoft recommends that there are NO Domain Administrators should be present in that group at all.

Instead, there is a role that changes group memberships and, at a time when administrative action is needed, administrators are added to that group, perform necessary functions and subsequently removed from it.

This significantly reduces privilege escalation attacks success rate.

Second issue is the Server Operator in "Non AD Administrator" sk.

Does this user have to have an ability to shutdown or reboot servers, have RDP capabilities, etc? Because Server Operators do have these rights by default.


One more issue that is a thorn in my side is the absence of clarification of LDAP Account Unit user rights and its correlation with the user and credentials required when enabling IA:

There are NO specific requirements for the LDAP Account Unit user's group membership and rights anywhere in the documentation.

Even when it is defined with whatever rights, IA wizard still prompts you with new user and credentials.

It explicitly states on the prompt window that it should be a Domain Administrator, which is pretty bad, since there is no mention of the alternative sk, (btw, please suggest including sk references in the UI prompt).

Clients are asking to specifically describe what actions said user as well as LDAP Account Unit are performing that warrants the rights assigned to them and EXPLICITLY asking for Check Point's documentation they can refer to when requesting this from their IT counterparts.

As I was writing this, another such inquiry just landed in my inbox.

If you or someone in official position at CP can reply with detailed explanation for the above questions, I'd be much obliged, as it may tie me over until documentation is amended.


Thank you.