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Tip of the Week - MDSM R80.x ATRG

Check Point Multi-Domain Security Management (MDSM) is a centralized management solution for large-scale, distributed environments with many discrete network segments, each with different security requirements. This solution lets administrators create Domains based on geography, business units or security functions to strengthen security and simplify management.

Each Domain has its own Security Policies, network objects and other configuration settings. You use the Global Domain for common security Policies that apply to all or to specified Domains. The Global Domain also includes network objects and other configuration settings that are common to all or to specified Domains.

MDSM is a complex environment and it can be overwhelming sometimes, especially if one has a limited understanding of its structure, dependencies and troubleshooting techniques.

To help you out, there is ATRG: Multi-Domain Security Management R80.x document describing the architecture

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