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Tip of the Week - Full Disk Encryption ATRG

Full Disk Encryption (FDE) secures desktop and laptop computers from unauthorized physical access by using both boot protection and full disk encryption. Full Disk Encryption provides the following security functions:

  • Strong Multi-User Authentication 
  • Support for Multi-type Authentication Methods using Smart Card, Password etc. 
  • Secure Remote Help for users who have forgotten their passwords 
  • Central management, deployment, configuration, monitoring and reporting. 
  • Single Sign-On, Password Synchronization within the OneCheck concept. 
  • Advanced Security features for Preboot Bypass using Network Authorization, TPM and Enhanced Network Location Awareness. 
  • Audit logging of events such as successful and failed logon attempts

With Full Disk Encryption, all logical partitions/volumes are boot protected and encrypted, even if the disk is removed and loaded into a controlled machine.

For better understanding of FDE architecture, functionalities,

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