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SecureKnowledge Weekly - Content Awareness ATRG

Content Awareness is one of the new features of R80.10. Using Content Awareness blade as part of Firewall policy allows the administrator to enforce the Security Policy based on the content of the traffic by identifying files and its content. 

If you are interested to take a peak under the hood of this feature, here is ATRG: Content Awareness (CTNT) for you. It describes flows, dependencies and troubleshooting commands for Content Awareness blade.

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Checkpoint suggested only limited file types :-(.

How can i create custom file type?


The type of files are listed here: Supported file types in R80.10 Content Awareness blade 

It is a long list, and if required, new types will be added later on. At this point you cannot put custom file types by yourself


Thank you,

Yeah, I know the supported file types. It isn't short list. But life is hard . People wants to block lot of types files. Maybe Check Point support List of file formats - Wikipedia list fully.

I think the right solution is admin users create custom file types.