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IPS Analyzer Tool - are you running it?

The IPS Analyzer Tool runs on your gateway for a short amount of time, and issues an HTML report of which individual IPS protections took the most CPU and RAM on the gateway during the runtime of the tool.

Supported Gateways are R77 and above.

For more information go to IPS Analyzer Tool - How to analyze IPS performance efficiently 

I wanted to use this thread to ask who is running it and what are your thoughts of it. 

Q: Why can't I run it from SmartConsole by default?

A: We plan to add that in one of our next releases.

(Don't mind the actual names of the protections in this screenshot, this image is not a result of a run on an actual gateway, it is a random generation of existing protection names, just to showcase the report's look and feel):

Smadi ParadiseOmer Shliva

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Employee Alumnus


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Thank you,

 It is a little bit complicated to get by an e-mail.


For getting the latest version of Analyzer tool please contact:


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I tried to use it, but never got useful output.

First, I did not enjoy using it because with MDS and VSX, there are many steps to perform manually to get visible output.

And second, most of the time my IPS Analyzer output was empty. I am not sure if this was due to "IPS Bypass under load" or simply no relevant connections during my run.

So, third, I was missing a concise instruction like how long to run the capture to get useful output, wether it captures only new connections during the run or also existing connections.



I tried to use it today for a customer and received twice some confusing, incomplete results...there were no protection names. Any idea?



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Same here.

Any hints to resolve are appreciated.

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