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HTTPS inspection drops .js files bigger than 3 MB. No log, nothing strange in fw monitor, no drop in zdebug

Hi all,

We run VSX 77.30 firewall with enabled IPS and HTTPS inspection. One HTTPS webpage uses large javaScript (.js) files, and the download is being dropped at 3.06 MB. I case we switch HTTPS interception off, everything works fine.

There is no special log in the tracker - just that the traffic was allowed and then HTTPS-inspected. There is nothing strange in fw monitor - the packet flow just stops and there is no entry in fw ctl zdebug drop.

Any ideas?

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Hi Gonrazd, 

I think this might be one for TAC. 

Some troubleshooting steps can be found: Best Practices - HTTPS Inspection  

SK How to open a Service Request (SR) 




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