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Feature comparison - Newly Observed domain

Hi There,


Wondering what would be the closest to this fortigate (⚰️) feature below

Any thoughts on how checkpoint achieves something similar?

I know of course uncategorized Category but it's not exactly the same.


DescriptionThis article explains how URLs in the 'Newly Observed Domain' classification are re-categorized.
ScopeFortiGate 5.6 or above.

A URL is detected as a 'Newly Observed Domain' if the domain name does not exist in the database and the URL is observed for the first time by the FDN server.


The URL will then remain in this category for 30 minutes during which it is scanned for malicious content.


If there is no malicious content found, the category for the URL changes to 'Not Rated'.

These 'Not Rated' domains will then be queued for review based on the visit counts.


The duration depends on how popular the 'Unrated' websites are and how long the 'Unrated' queue is.

However, after some time it is also possible to encounter the same domain as NOD again for these reasons:

1) The FDN cache expires and the URL gets removed from the cache; the NOD rating is returned. Or,

2) Because of the rare visits, it is possible to hit a different FDN server, and that server seeing it for the first time returns the NOD rating.

As for URL re-categorization made via the FortiGuard Web Filter Rating Submission, the response time may vary depending on the number of submissions in queue/priority.

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I do not have a good answer for the current versions, hopefully someone else does, but it appears this feature or something similar will be available in R82. R82 New Features 

Improved Threat Prevention Capabilities

  • Added Advanced DNS capability to block DNS queries to newly created domains.

Personally, I would double check with your Sales engineer to verify.




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