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Export cvs files from Threat Prevention Indicators

I encountered the need to adjust the .cvs file in Threat Prevention Indicators, which is already imported into Check Point. But we lost the specific .cvs a long time ago. Does Check Point have the ability to export the .cvs file through the SmartConsole or through ssh? I couldn't find the export button. But it is the current file that we need to correct (delete some fields and add new ones), not to create a new cvs file.

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I would suggest to contact CP TAC for a valid answer !

CCSE CCTE SMB Specialist
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$FWDIR/external_ioc/ will contain folders for all your configured threat feeds, you will find the contents of the feed in those folders.  Offhand I cannot recall if it's "proper" csv's, either way they are human-readable so you can use them to build an updated csv to import.

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