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2018 Cyber Security World Cup


 Cyber Security war is just like the soccer game, you need a great team work, amazing players, and strong desire for success.

  In order to win this competition and moving to next stage, you must have some aggressive midfielder center such as IPS, Anti-Virus, SandBlast Threat Emulation, confront the pre-infected threat perfectly. Besides these, you still need the sweeper or center-back to resolve the post-infection, Anti-Bot and Threat Extraction, Anti-Ransomware are the very wise choice. Then you can deploy SBM & CloudGuard to be the full back and cover multiple attack surfaces.

  Don't forget the coach group, including ThreatCloud, NGSM, and the AI intelligence from the best research team in the world. It will be the key point and essential strategy to beat your opponents.

  "Attacker find the way to hack, Check Point always keep to prevent."

I won't say that we can 100% eliminate all the threat, but I definitely ensure we can make you survive in the GenV Mega attack, even the upcoming GenVI Nano security.

Welcome to the Cyber Security World Cup, join the Infinity Total Protection team now! 

Hope we can be the winner in last.

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