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This Week in CheckMates: Week of 11th September 2017

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Welcome to "This Week in Checkmates," your weekly highlight reel for all things CheckMates!

Past and future posts will be available here: About CheckMates

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Community Highlights

Here are some highlights from the week's activity on CheckMates:

We've seen a lot of great questions asked so far of Dr. Dorit Dor, answers for which will be revealed on Monday. Have you got your question in yet?

Bulk Add Network Objects

The R80 Management API makes this much easier to do than it was in R77.x with dbedit. 

Central Script to run command on multiple gateways

You can leverage the R80 Management API and the cprid_util to remotely execute commands on all your Check Point gateways.

Proxy Arp's for subnet not on firewall

How do "arp" for a translated address that's not on your local subnet, particularly when you don't have control over the upstream router? You do something similar to what's described in this thread.

Upgrade from R77.20 to R80.10, and failed to verify policy

One thing the Pre-Upgrade Verifier does not do is check the validity of your rules. Which, due to a validation bug in R77.20, caused a problem when upgrading to R80.10.

Sandboxing http/https traffics with third party web proxy in place

In some releases, it is possible to enable ICAP Server support. This will allow you to use a third party web proxy to send traffic to Check Point Threat Emulation.

Did You Know...

We are starting up a number of local CheckMates chapters?

We've got a list of areas where groups are forming.

Simply find your local area and ask to join.

There isn't a local one to you? Then ask for one to be created!

Upcoming Events

Our upcoming events in the next few weeks include:



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