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This Week in CheckMates 9 September 2019

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Welcome to "This Week in CheckMates," your weekly highlight reel for all things CheckMates!
Past and future posts will be available here: The CheckMates Blog
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Community Highlights

As I was on vacation the previous week, there was no "This Week in CheckMates" last week.
This week's threads to watch come from the last two weeks:

R80.40 Early Availability

We are starting the R80.40 Production EA program in the near future!
Participants in the Production EA get to work directly with R&D as part of this process.
A public EA of R80.40 will be made available later on.
A few relevant threads:

New Software Releases

Upgrade to R80.x

Other Topics

Upcoming Events

We are now maintaining our event calendar in Google Calendar.
You can browse our calendar of events here: CheckMates Calendar 
Here's where you can find @Valeri_Loukine and I over the next few weeks

If you would like a CheckMates Live event in your area, get in contact with us: