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UTM-1 Edge support on R80.30 And R80.40

Hi All,

If you are using UTM-1 Edge devices and are managing them centrally, please be advised that R80.30 is the last management version to support such edge devices.

UTM-1 Edge devices will not be supported in R80.40.

Check Point believe that it is essential to keep security current and up to date. Part of the this process it to refresh our appliances. During 2016 Check Point released new line of appliances delivering the latest security replacing the 1100 series and UTM-1 Edge series. We urge all our customers to upgrade to the latest security appliances.

The central management of UTM-1 Edge is no longer possible starting R80.40 and above.

For management users who plan an upgrade to R80.40 we recommend that you also upgrade your Edge gateways to a newer model.

While still using Edge, do not upgrade your management to R80.40.





Amir Ayalon | SMB Project Management Team Leader
Check Point SW Technologies. | ( +972-733-79-8629

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Nice Info!

Please add this also in red in the Release Notes from R80.40:-)


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Last supported model, UTM-1 Edge N Industrial, will be out of support 26-May-2020 - so this is not really a surprise 😉.


Pleasant good day team,

Does R80.30 support Model: SBXI-166LHGE-6? I am having problems with the setup as I keep getting a notification that some of the VPN tunnels are down. If you can provide me with some guidance I would greatly appreciate; thank you.


Best regards

Nigel Griffith

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That's an Industrial Edge box, you should be able to manage it from R80.30.
Please open a TAC case on these issues so they can be properly investigated.
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