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This Week in CheckMates 4 February 2019

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Welcome to "This Week in CheckMates," your weekly highlight reel for all things CheckMates!

Past and future posts will be available here: About CheckMates

To have these updates show up in your preferred RSS reader add the following URL: About CheckMates RSS Feed 

See also our social media accounts and our podcast (RSS Feed😞

CheckMates Migration to Lithium Platform

In case you are not aware, we are planning to migrate the platform we are using for CheckMates from Jive to Lithium.

I have written several posts on this recently:

We are nearing the time when the migration will take place, which we expect to happen during February.

Once the schedule is finalized, we will be sure to communicate it.

Community Highlights

Here are the conversations worth watching in the community:

R80.30 Early Availability Program is started! 

The update is that R80.30 Public EA is here! We plan to release this quarter. That said, more private EAs will help us release it faster!

Can't connect to management server via SmartDashboard 

This problem keeps coming up, particularly in fresh-installed R77.30 and earlier systems, for example in this thread: Problem with cluster access 75.40 VS . The above thread explains how to resolve the issue.

Adding members to a group (via CLI) 

An older thread where a more clever answer was posted.

Class names available for use with the "show-generic-objects" API command 

One way to find this information out.

smartlog too many logs:Non Compliant DNS 

A few different suggestions for addressing this issue.

Jumbo Jail - Stuck between installing newer jumbo and uninstalling older one 

Nice workaround for what is a bug. 

What's Infinity, you ask? Now you can see it! 

Manual NAT rules for the gateway IP on an SMB appliance don't have an effect, but there's another way...

Upcoming Events

Due to the upcoming change to Lithium, we have migrated our upcoming event calendar to Google Calendar.

You can browse our calendar of events here: CheckMates Calendar 

Upcoming events include:

We are currently in the planning phases for our 2019 events.

If you want one in your area, get in contact with us: 

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