Oren Koren

Smart-View - Infinity dashboard release

Blog Post created by Oren Koren Employee on Jan 27, 2019

Hey all,

In our latest MGMT R80.20 JHF, we released a new infinity View that allows you to aggregate all of Endpoint, Mobile and GW events. this dashboard is compatible only with R80.20 MGMT version and above.

Alongside the GW dashboard that was already released (see the following post) we’ve added lots of advance aggregations for endpoint and mobile.

For SBM - we support syslog only and working on a version for Rsyslog


The new sections that we’ve added are:


Main Infinity Dashboard


Mobile Devices reported and attack

  • Infected mobile devices
  • Devices accessed malicious sites
  • Devices accessed unauthorized sites
  • Device with an app that asked for device Access
  • Devices encountered suspicious wifi activity
  • Devices received malicious SMS



Endpoint reported and attack

  • Active/Dormant/Cleaned/Blocked attacks
  • Hosts encountered a ransomware attack
  • Hosts encountered malicious files
  • Hosts encountered phishing or identity attack
  • Users had a password re-use
  • Host exploit attempt
  • Hosts accessed a malicious site



by clicking on each sentence/section, you will be able to see an aggregated data related to the business question you've clicked on(like in the GW view that we released)


As always – you are welcome to use the new version and send me your inputs so I will be able to update and change the dashboard if needed. orenkor@checkpoint.com