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This Week in CheckMates 29 June 2018

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Welcome to "This Week in CheckMates," your weekly highlight reel for all things CheckMates!

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CheckMates Cyber Security Podcast

Yes, we have a podcast called Check Point CheckMates Cyber Security Podcast

We are taking our regular TechTalks and making the audio available in podcast form.

Other, unique content may be added in the future.

You should be able to find it in your podcast directory of choice by searching on the podcast name.

For "simple people" like Moti Sagey who use Apple's podcast app: Check Point CheckMates Cyber Security Podcast by Check Point CheckMates on Apple Podcasts 

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CheckMates in the DMV (DC / Maryland / Virginia)

Peter Dietrich‌ has been running a Check Point user group for a few years now, predating CheckMates.

I came out to talk about the R80.20.M1 release, launched this week!

Michael Butterfield‌ did a brief presentation on Content Awareness in R80.10, which also included a discussion about policy layers in R80.10!

Community Highlights

Here's what happened on CheckMates this past week:

Check Point R80.20.M1 Release

The big "Check Point" news this week was the release or R80.20.M1 (Management-only) release. Here are a few threads on CheckMates related to this:


We had two TechTalks this week:

The next one is on R80.20 on July 11th!

Want to be a part of it? Sign up here: TechTalk: R80.20 Demo

How to change DMS(CMA) name 

When you import a domain/CMA into R80.10, there's an additional step that didn't exist in earlier releases.

Application blocked but where is the application? 

Things can get blocked by a URL Filtering category also (which may be different from the App Control category).

Context-Aware Architecture 

Explains a bit about our inspection architecture and how it compares to others.

IPv6 to TunnelBroker in R80? 

Yes it can be done. Sample config here.

Increasing Fifo Buffers on Firewall Interface 

Some disagreement as to if and when this is necessary. What do you think?

IPS protection set to detect from prevent after update 

If you're using staging mode, this is important to keep in mind!

Best Practices Guide for upgrading endpoint clients 

The process is discussed in this thread.

Increasing Fifo Buffers on Firewall Interface

There seems to be some debate on this. What's your take?

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