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This Week in CheckMates 17 September 2018

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Welcome to "This Week in CheckMates," your weekly highlight reel for all things CheckMates!

Past and future posts will be available here: About CheckMates

To have these updates show up in your preferred RSS reader add the following URL: About CheckMates RSS Feed 

See also our social media accounts and our podcast (RSS Feed😞

CheckMates in Your Language!

While most of the content on CheckMates is in English, we now have a few groups where both content and discussions are available in other languages! 

Let us know if you want to have it in your native language as well.


New CheckMates Swag

Yes, I ordered some new stickers:

I also have some other stuff on order, some of which I will be giving away at CheckMates events in the near future.

What, exactly? You'll have to wait and see.

Community Highlights

Here are the top threads of the past week or so:

After a very successful CheckMates track during 2018, we're putting out a Call For Papers for our upcoming global CPX 360 events for 2019!

Security Gateway Inventory  

A useful script when you've got a lot of gateways in a Multi-Domain Environment.

SmartConsole R80.10 (GA Build 073) now available 

SmartConsole R80.10 has gotten an update with some bugfixes.

R77.30 - Support until May 2019 

If you haven't upgraded to R80.x, there's no time like the present. Also some hints about R80.20 GA in this thread from a reliable source Smiley Happy

Making Skype work properly with HTTPS inspection enabled featuring To Probe Bypass or Not To Probe B... 

This issue has come up a few times on CheckMates, and John Fenoughty seems to have come up with a way to make it play nice.

AW keeps deleting Dameware Service 

Exclusions have to be configured properly. 

Be sure to take advantage of this complimentary training for CheckMates members, if you haven't already!

Upcoming Events

Between Valeri Loukine‌ and I, we'll be busy in the next several weeks!

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