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This Week in CheckMates: 16 February 2018

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Welcome to "This Week in CheckMates," your weekly highlight reel for all things CheckMates!

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Community Highlights

Last week, the CheckMates team was in Las Vegas.

This week was mostly spent recovering.

However, the community is continuing to grow and expand!

How to get all the information about a deleted rule 

Another example of the power of the R80.10 API.

Inline layer question 

A good discussion of how packets are processed with inline layers in R80.10.

Inspection of Inter-Subnet traffic in AWS VPC using CloudGuard 

Some great stuff here on protecting resources within your VPC on different subnets with CloudGuard (vSEC) gateways!

Combining all interfaces in one bond, how bad is this practice? 

Vigorous debate in this thread. There's reasons to do it (and not).

Protecting AWS S3 Buckets with SandBlast 

Demoed at CPX360 Las Vegas, you can now protect your S3 buckets with SandBlast!

Docker Container Service Objects 

Integrate Docker Containers with the Check Point Security Policy via the API!

IP List Enforcement using Identity API  

Another way to block IPs without doing a policy installation, this time using the Identity Awareness API!

R80.10 IPS Best Practices Guide 

Finally published and will help you get the most out of IPS in R80.10! 

Even if you're not using Azure, these scripts may help with the creation of cluster objects via scripting (as it's not something that can be done via the R80.x API yet).

Blink, anyone ? 

Have you used Blink to install a gateway in 5-7 minutes with jumbo hotfixes? Share your experiences! If you haven't, try today!

Great Series of Articles on SMB Devices

Guenther W. Albrecht‌ has produced a series of informative documents related to SMB devices that are worth having a look at:

Upcoming Events

If you're coming to CPX360in Bangkok, CheckMates will be there


Meanwhile, our upcoming TechTalks include:

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