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This Week in CheckMates 10 September 2018

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CheckMates in the OC

Niran Turgeman and I were at the CPX in Southern California this week!

We, of course, had a booth:

And presented in a breakout session: 

I also had a lot of people come up to me to thank me for all the work I had done both in Ye Olden Days with the old FireWall-1 FAQ and the work we're currently doing with CheckMates.

It's always nice to be reminded of why I'm doing what I'm doing: helping others solve their problems.

CPX360 2019 is Coming!

We are looking ahead to our global CPX360 events in 2019 and want to make them better than ever!
You can help us do so by answering this short survey, which will also enter you in a drawing for Apple AirPods!

Community Highlights

Here are the top threads of the past week or so:

R80.20 EA for Gateway with Linux 3.10 Kernel Coming Soon 

We added some details about the benefits of the newer kernel to this thread and are looking for more Production EA customers!

GDPR and Check Point 

GDPR is a hot topic, not just for Europe, but pretty much every business that deals with Europe. This video gives some basics on the topic and how Check Point can help with this 

As promised a few months ago in a TechTalk...

Optimizing an IPS profile for SMB 

With added discussion about other blades in the comments.

RX-OVR drops and 10 gb hardware buffer 

Switching from multiple 1GB NICs to 10GB NICs definitely increases your throughput.

IPS exception for pre R80 gateways with R80 SMS 

IPS exceptions are managed differently for R80.x gateways versus pre-R80.x gateways.

How to change the SSL-VPN port on a locally managed SMB Appliance 

Pretty simple task, really, only made simpler when you can see how it's done with a video. 

This technology is key in stopping Gen V Cyber Threats and we're giving training on it away to CheckMates members for a limited time!

Upcoming Events

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