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CheckMates First Birthday Celebration!

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CheckMates has turned a year old and we're having a party! 

We definitely want to celebrate with all of you as we couldn't have done this without you!

We had an "Oscars"-like ceremony and a couple of cool videos with Check Point CEO Gil Shwed and VP of Products Dr. Dorit Dor!


Ask Us Anything with Gil Shwed and Dorit Dor

We record two short video with Gil Shwed and Dr. Dorit Dor answering some of your questions!

Video Link : 6474

Video Link : 6475

LOOKING FOR MORE ANSWERS? Take a look here....

While we could not answer every question you asked in video form, we wrote answers to a representative sample of your questions here:

CheckMates First Birthday: Ask Us Anything


What CheckMates Content and People are The Best of the Best?

Video Link : 6473

Categories include:


What is CheckMates?

If you've never used CheckMates before, here's a brief explanation:

Video Link : 6151


Wow! Thanks everyone for your votes and congratulations to all winners!

It feels surreal that Gil and Dorit both mention my name.

I'm so happy that our ccc script won! the Code Hub Contribution of the Year award.

Also having won the Member of the Year award together with Tim Hall, which means having won a trip to the Check Point headquarter in Tel Aviv, is fantastic!

Again, thanks everyone!


Thank you Danny Jung‌ (on behalf of all the community) for all your great engagement and contribution Smiley Happy, keep it up!!

P.S. we will make sure Gil Shwed‌ and Dorit Dor‌ will also thank you in person when you visit us at the HQ


Congrats to Danny, Tim and Heiko!

Thank you all for your contribution to the community and for making the world a bit safer!


Congratulations to all Checkmates. You‘ve all done a great job and congratulations to the winners.


I think like Danny, it feels surreal that Gil and Dorit both mention my name.


Nice community,