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Celebrating the Best of the Best on CheckMates and The CheckMates Challenge for 2019

It's that time of the year where we say cheers to you, the CheckMates Community!While @Valeri_Loukine and I were in Tel Aviv, we recorded a fun little video with @Moti to kick things off - watch it below! Similar to our Birthday Celebration last year, we're going to have you nominate and vote on "the best of the best" on CheckMates for the year, but we have a few additional activities this year where you can win prizes, including a trip to Tel Aviv to meet with R&D and enjoy a taste of what Israel has to offer! The Best of CheckMates We invite you to vote for your favorite highlights on CheckMates over the past year! Among the categories we have “CheckMates Post of the year”, “Member of the Year”, "Rising star of the Year” and more! Vote for your favorites and enter a raffle to WIN an Apple Watch! We also invite you to share your Idea of the Year. How-To Videos Know how to do something with a Check Point product or service?Record a short video showing how to do it and submit to our How...
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I'm very aware of myself 😉

srsly now, it's so exciting !!! good luck to all CheckMaters see you the winners in Tel Aviv mother-ship  soon 😀

Great challenge!
hahaha!!! ;D

This is my favourite!


Niran, videos getting better and better. Great job!


Great video and challenge! Recent CCSE R80 so would really like to go to the mother-ship! 

Very great video and challenge!

I think it's good to be able to laugh in working life. Keep up the good work.