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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

SmartMove Oct 2022 update

  • Click here to download the Check Point SmartMove Tool.

What's Changed

  1. Format code

  2. Added new logic to optimize policy by comments for Cisco and Firepower

    /// Optimizes the security policy rulebase by merging several rules from the same sub-policy into a single rule.
    /// Two rules can be merged into one rule if:
    /// 1. CiscoASA and FirePower vendors: both rules can be merged if they have the same comments
    /// 2. both rules have the same action, and
    /// 3. both rules are enabled or disabled, and
    /// 4. both rules have source and destination columns negated or not, and
    /// 5. both rules have the same time objects, and
    /// 6. either one of the following is true:
    ///6.1. both the source and destination columns match
    /// 6.2. both the source and service columns match
    /// 6.3. both the destination and service columns match

  3. adding a new command line to optimize by a comment: -obc | --optimize-by-comments

  4. Adding slicing of conversion comments (custom-fields.field-1) up to 250 characters

  5. fixing juniper crash

  6. adding an option to smartconnector to re-use groups by name, flag name: reuse-group-name true|false [default]

  7. JuniperSRX: parsing groups tag 

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