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SmartMove July 2022 update

Dear All,

We are happy to share a new version:

  • Click here to download the Check Point SmartMove Tool.

What's Changed

  • Enhance converting handling for large files
  • Enhance parsing time
  • Change Check Point logo
  • Change the SmartMove version to version v9.X
  • Juniper: Enhance parsing version
  • SmartAnalyze Fortinet: fix .conf file extension
  • Change filename length to 15 instead of 20
  • SmartAnalyze added for Cisco and Firepower new file extensions: .cfg and.txt same, same as SmartMove
  • Fortinet fix bug with creating config files
  • Cisco ASA: fixed issue with cisco_object
  • Fortinet: changing the logic for creating zones (VDOM mode)
  • Fixed a bug with parsing the panorama file
  • Cisco ASA : allowing special characters to be used as part of nameif
  • Fortinet fixe different errors with config parsing
  • Juniper Juno-OS add fixed rules with "any"
  • Fortinet add support for access roles (convert user configuration) for VDOM mode
  • Panorama: prevent a crash in case use tap interface
  • SmartAnalyze Added support for all vendors

  • Added comments for optimized policy: Fortinet , PaltoAlto , Juniper
  • Remove non-English chars
  • Hide from message window debug information
  • Fix for skip creating services
  • Fix filtering of files for Fortinet
  • Merge bugfixes for SmartAnalyze : issue with unused rules calculations
  • Cisco ASA Skip Extended ACE for User-Based Matching (Identity Firewall)
    allow continue and notify the user
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