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WEB API adding rules to a Policy

Good afternoon,


We are in the proces of transferring our policies from a Management server to the Cloud SAAS solution.

We have several firewals and also several policies. We want to copy the Policy Rules from the old server to the new server.

Is there any to to make my life easier since CP doesn't provide me a migration tools for this. I am trying to do this using Python and the WEB_API... 

There is not a lot of documentation for this topic and even less examples which i can use to create my script.

With my python script i was able to copy all host and network objects from the old server to the new one. that saved us a lot of time in typing. I would like to do the same action on the policy rules

Anybody has done this before.

best regards



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Hi @Edgar-van-Rhee 

Firstly, an admin note. I moved your post from a local group to the Smart-1 Cloud space.

Now, to the matter. Do I understand correctly that you are moving your on-prem management to Smart-1 Cloud? If so, there is a migration procedure described in the admin guide:

If you are trying to do something else, please do elaborate.

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