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CLI API Example for exporting, importing, and deleting different objects using CSV files

Check out GITHUB for latest versions : GitHub - mybasementcloud/R8x-export-import-api-scripts: Check Point R8x Export, Import, [and more] API scripts for bash … (version v00. as of 2022-10-27)


The post below is not manageable and won't be updated any more, all specifics and improved documentation is provided on GitHub.


Eric  @Eric_Beasley 



The export, import, delete using CSV files scripts in this post, currently version 00.33.00 and later, dated 2019-01-19 and later, are intended to allow operations on an existing R80, R80.10, R80.20[.Mx], R80.30[.Mx] Check Point management server (SMS or MDM) from bash on the management server or a management server able authenticate and reach the target management server.


These scripts show examples of:

  • an export of objects and services with full and standard json output
  • an export of hosts, networks, groups, groups-with-exclusion, address-ranges, dns-domains, host interfaces, and group members to csv output [future services and other object dumps to csv is pending further research]
  • an im
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