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Smart1 Cloud and on-premise SmartEvent (along with existing Smart1 appliance)

Hello --   we are talking with customer about moving management of various GAIA SMB devices to Smart1 Cloud.

Customer has existing Smart1 on-premise instance -- with SmartEvent -- and on-premise hardware.  This will NOT change.

The GAIA SMB devices are present at retail locations and all share similar (simple) security policy.

Moving GAIA SMB devices to cloud provides (a) flexibility, (b) always available cloud service with no concerns on upgrades and JHA, and (c) allows on-premise Smart1 container GW count to be reduced.   All this great.

The issue:

customer really likes their on-premise SmartEvent.

I see the cloud-based Smart1 Cloud includes SmartEvent option as well.    

Is there way to forward logs from Smart1 Cloud to on-premise SmartEvent for processing (syslog via log exporter -- or similar)?


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Perhaps @Anat_Eytan-Davi can comment on this. 
But as far as I know, use of Smart-1 Cloud precludes using an on-premise SmartEvent.
In general, better integration between on-premise management and Infinity Portal is planned.



Hello @PhoneBoy  -- thanks for update.   

Because Smart1 Cloud (for SMB) has option for SmartEvent, I have to believe this would meet near term needs for customer who has on-premise SmartEvent for Enterprise GAIA devices. 


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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

In addition to the values you have mentioned, one of the benefits of using Smart-1 Cloud is also reduce the overhead for logs and storage management, and you can keep the logs as long as you want, no need to maintain the SW version of the log/smartevent server and enjoy advanced services as we add more new offering in the infinity portal.

having said all of that, we have an integration with an on-prem log server, however it is not a recommended best practice, need to keep in mind you need to align your local log server with smart-1 cloud versions and keep maintaining the log server yourself.

if you want to test it, please contact me offline ( and I will provide all details and I would appreciate if you can help me better understand what are the considerations of a customer to move the management to the cloud while maintaining the logs on-prem.

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Will be discussing with SE on how to move MDS to cloud from a technical and financial point, but one think I cannot help think about is the increased demand on Internet bandwidth, and therefore possible additional costs for increasing bandwidth; ultimately moving things to cloud should reduce overall cost of running the service, hence all aspects relates to costs should be considered not just the Checkpoint element.

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