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Explorer - Uploading files

Hardware : Checkpoint 5600

Software : R80.10

Issue : Using the website for uploading files, it sticks at 0%.

I've followed Fire whats? How your firewall can block our service – WeTransfer Support  but this hasn't resolved the issue.

Downloading of files work fine, looking at the logs on the checkpoint I cant see anything which would stop the file been upload.

Any ideas on why this would be blocked.

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Can you test with a simple rule from a test client to the server with anything as service and no interaction with anything beyond the firewall blades? Then start adding blades to the traffic to see what breaks it.

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I was noticing the awareness of advaced technology in their document "Some versions of modern operating systems (like Windows XP) have a built-in firewall that is turned on by default. "

XP is ... Modern indeed 😉

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