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sk105239 article not working when ISP redundancy configured in load sharing mode.

Hi All,

In my organization setup, I have 2 firewalls in cluster in active/standby mode and ISP redundancy configured in load sharing mode (50-50 ratio). The version firewall is running is R80.20. 

There is only one default route configured on firewall pointing to ISP-1. I can see failover mechanism is working fine when ISP-1 goes down. checkpoint firewall removes default route pointing towards ISP1 and place default route pointing to ISP2. 

But traffic is not traversing through ISP2 link. Traffic traverse through ISP-1 only even if i applied sk105239. 

Any suggestions please?


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Hi Gunther,

Just wanted to know for sk25152 : this is valid for active connections. I mean to say if i am accessing any server and primary link goes down will then traffic will nat to backup isp public link and traverse through backup link or i need to re-intiate the connection to server?


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