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show cdp

hello i'm trying to see where my checkpoint is connected (which physical port) 

the physical port is eth 2 on the checkpoint

is there a command similar to "show cdp" in checkpoint CLI ?

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Sort of.  From the third edition of my book:

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Determining the Layer 2 switching path is a little more difficult and may involve
tracing cables. If you are using Cisco switches in your network, from the firewall you
can sniff and decode Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) frames from the switch attached to
the firewall with this command:

tcpdump -vn -s 1500 -i (interface) 'ether[20:2] == 0x2000'


Figure 1-6: tcpdump Decode of CDP Traffic

From your testing workstation, you can do something similar in Wireshark. Start a
capture on your network interface and use the following filter:

eth.dst == 01:00:0c:cc:cc:cc


Figure 1-7: Wireshark Decode of CDP Traffic

The CDP traffic should tell you enough about the locally attached switch to identify
it. Keep in mind that there may be many other switches in the path between your testing
workstation and the firewall depending upon the architecture of your network; you need
to discover them all. If they are Cisco switches and you can obtain command-line access
to them, running the Cisco IOS command show cdp neighbors is helpful for
identifying adjacent switches.

Depending on the vendor (and version) of the networking devices used in your
environment, they may be using the IEEE 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol
(LLDP) instead of CDP. The Cisco command show lldp neighbors is helpful for
identifying adjacent switches; use this command to view and decode LLDP traffic:

tcpdump -vn -s 1500 -i (interface) ether proto 0x88cc


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This looks like another great candidate for @HeikoAnkenbrand or @Danny to turn into oneliner 🙂


really? that seems like its overly complicated lol
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Cisco Discover Protocol is not supported with Check Point. 


There is self-written CDP deamon for Check Point. Works like a charm.

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