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route flipping on R80.40

We have upgraded from R80.10 to R80.40 (HF48) and have a route flipping issue:

# ip route get a.b.c.d

a.b.c.d via <correct next hop ip> dev eth5 src <correct source>


# ip route get a.b.c.d

a.b.c.d via <correct next hop ip> dev eth2 src <correct source>


For whatever reason the interface in the routing table is changed from eth5 to eth2.


In fw monitor you can see it as well, the first packet goes to eth5 correctly, the second one after a route flip goes to eth2, which is wrong.

[vs_0][fw_2] eth5:O[44]: ****** -> ***** (UDP) len=200 id=61683 UDP: 2464 -> 49910

[vs_0][fw_2] eth2:O[44]: ****** -> ****** (UDP) len=200 id=49885 UDP: 2464 -> 49910


Did anyone have similiar problems?

TAC case is opened.

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It is already included int he ongoing R80.30 take, nothing for R80.40 so far.

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