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migrate VSX from open server to appliance

Hi. I have a question about vsx_util reconfigure. When you want to run this command to need to ensure that interface names match. Now. my open server use ETH0 as management interface and I want to move it to Mgmt. I run vsx_util reconfigure and it was exactly ETH0 that failed because it does not exist on the appliance. I want to migrate and only use bond interfaces. so can it be fixed by removing all physical interfaces, from the physcal interface tab on the cluster object? also management interface ETH0. I have this idea that vsx_util reconfigure checks the new applicane to find exactly those interfaces shown on this physical interface tab. vsx_util change_interfaces change the trunks, but how can you change the physical interface names so vsx_util will run? Are we talking guiDBedit? Best regards René Rosenkrantz
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The best way to do this would probably be to use vsx_util change_interfaces over time to move from direct interface references to bonds on the open server. Once you have the configuration moved to use bonds exclusively, use vsx_util reconfigure to replace the open server with the branded server.

You can cut over live using VSX provisioning debugging. I forget the exact debug, but it allows you to make changes via SmartConsole which would ordinarily require the change be provisioned out to the members, but it ignores provisioning failures. The change would be something like this:

  1. Enable that debug on the management
  2. Go into SmartConsole
  3. Open your VSX object
  4. Break SIC with the members (to prevent interfering with the existing topology)
  5. Add bonds to the Physical Interfaces section as appropriate. Provisioning will fail, but the debug lets you keep going.
  6. Go into your VSs
  7. Change their interfaces to use the bonds. Again, provisioning will fail, but the debug lets you continue.
  8. Go back into the VSX object
  9. Remove the direct interface references from the Physical Interfaces

This will take quite a while, and is a pretty manual process.

One benefit of moving all your interfaces to bonds rather than direct references: when you see how bad the branded servers are, you can easily move back to open servers. 😉

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