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ip-reachability behaviour


I wanted to check what is behaviour of ip-reachability detection. Is monitoring tied to particular next-hop GW when used with static-route?

I want to monitor particular address in data center[ ]from branch office with ping and failover static route from main line to backup, if monitored IP becomes unreachable on primary line.
Let's say route through GW1 fails, monitored IP becomes unreachable. Route fails over. But what happens when it starts reaching monitored IP via functional GW2? Does it have next hop GW awareness and it understands that particular GW is no longer working? Or will it declare that monitored-ip is now reachable as it can reach it over GW2 and try to bring back route with higher priority?

Monitored IP
set static-route nexthop gateway address GW01 monitored-ip on
set static-route nexthop gateway address GW01 priority 1 on

set static-route nexthop gateway address GW02  on
set static-route nexthop gateway address GW02 priority 5 on

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I've not tested that scenario, i understand the route will failover constantly because host will become reachable/unreachble all the time.

You can try adding a specific route for host through GW1 without monitoring, that route will make the ping to will always use firs link as far as the physical/logical interface is up. Another option would be use two monitoring IP's adding the IP of GW1 to the route and use fail condition "Fail Any". HTH.


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