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how to permit specific Youtube Channel for all, and then permit youtube APP for specific access role

Hi all, 

I´d like to know if its possible to do that: 3 layers to control Youtube Requests.

First: if matches specífic youtube channel, permit for any. I´d like to permit "My channel" for all. 

Second, we have specífic access role to permit youtube APP with inline layer on APP Control. This case permits some people access all youtube app or web.

And finally, if the packet doesnt match first or second role, we drop all trafic for youtube. 


Actualy, second Role, and drop any is possible for me. But, at this moment, to do the "first", we control a lot of specífic urls for permited vídeos.

For each new vídeos we do a new permission by url. when we start a new campain, we have a lot of vídeos, all on the same channel, and we have to permit all of then, one by one. 

There´s anyway to do the first without control specifics URL?


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From what I understand, the metadata for the YouTube video does not include the channel(s) it is a part of.
As such, the only thing we can filter on is the video ID.
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