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how do i make a ospf area as Totally-NSSA

how do i make a ospf area as Totally-Not So Stubby area. 

the NSSA options what i see are:

default-cost                  - Configure the default routing cost

default-metric-type           - Configure the default Metric Type

import-summary-routes         - Configure import of Summary LSAs

off                           - Remove the NSSA option from the area

on                            - Configures an area to be an NSSA Area

range                         - Configure a network for the given NSSA

redistribution                - Configure Type 5 LSA output for an area

translator-role               - Configure translation of Type 7 LSAs into Type 5

translator-stability-interval - Configure the Translator Stability Interval (seconds)

i do not see "summary off" like we have in stub.

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Below is my config sample tried on my appliance:


set ospf area backbone on
set ospf area on
set ospf area nssa on
set ospf area nssa default-metric-type 1
set ospf area nssa import-summary-routes off


Is that suit on your environment?

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whether this will send the summary default route.

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Below is the parameter description from admin guide:

nssa import-summary-routes  {on | off} -- Specifies if summary routes (summary link advertisements) are imported into the NSSA.


So it's not working?




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Did this ever get resolved?  I'm looking to do the same where I want the VS to be a totally stub are (cisco command would be area <1> stub no-summary), and as a result this injects a default GW into the area.

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