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hardware diagnostic shown "Spec test - failed" on CheckPoint firewall 6200p

Hi All,


Recently, I have done a hardware diagnostic on my customer's FULL HA firewall (one of it which suspected have problem).


The suspected problematic firewall is the primary managment server and it is fully standby.


Both of the firewall are in R80.40, jumbo hotfix take 139.


The reason I do the hardware diagnostic on it is because we unable to reach the firewall (from network and console cable), clusterXL also shown the firewall as "lost" when check on other firewall member with "cphaprob state", and looks like it stucked.


We did a hardware diagnostic with the tool which is built-in in the appliance during the firewall is rebooting.


When we run full diagnostic, the diagnostic stopped after done the Spec test and mentioned "failed".


After that, we try run custom diagnostic, and we found out all other parts are ok (memory, network, disk, long disk)


Moreover, the firewall able to boot up normally even spec test mentioned "failed".


Hence, I just wonder the meaning of the "Spec test - failed" in the hardware diagnostic, and we are able to request the RMA request for that firewall in this case?


Lastly, appreciate if you guys are able to share some feedbacks with me on this matter.


Thank you.



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Not sure if below applies...

Btw, TAC can confirm for you if its RMA warranted or nor.

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Hi @the_rock,


Thanks for your kind reply and i will look into it.

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