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dhcp responses over vlans from Gaia dhcpd

I would like to know if anyone has successfully configured dhcp in Gaia to serve addresses over vlans.  In our case, a 3100 running R80.30.  The eth2 interface leads to some wireless access points, and dhcp is configured in Gaia to lease addresses.  All is well.  However, we wish to make the distinction between SSIDs by trunking vlans from the WAPs to the 3100.  So we remove the address from eth2; and instead make 4 vlans, with various vlan IDs, and dhcp scopes for each subinterface.  Trunking is configured at the WAPs and the switch and the 3100.  We now see requests come from the WAPs over the correct vlan, reach the 3100, get processed by dhcpd (confirmed in /var/log/messages,) but the reply packet never leaves the firewall.  We cannot see it with fw monitor, with fw ctl zdebug, or in the logs.  Case opened with Support 6-0001773135 but no magic yet.

Has anyone else been able to make dhcp in Gaia work over vlans?  Thanks.

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