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blink install and xfs

Upgrading an R77.30 gateway to R80.20 using the blink command options "--reimage" and "--delete-old-partitions" leads to the following results:

the old partition lv_current is deleted while all other partitions are being kept, including lv_log

the file system type is still ext3 for all partitions

2 Questions arise here:

Are our observatins correct?

Is the xfs-type filesystem used for Management Servers ONLY, meaning that even if we istall the gateway from scratch, it would still by ext3?

thx for clarification

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I do not think we have 3.10 based blink. So it has to be ext3


xfs is only supported on releases that support the Linux 3.10 kernel (not 2.6).
This includes management releases, R80.20-3.10, and R80.30-3.10.
Further, I'm pretty sure the entire partition table needs to be rewritten to support xfs.
This limits you to a clean install from an ISO.

So does it mean that we can also have gateway with xfs filesystem on 3.10 kernel ? I know that starting from R80.20 there is xfs filesystem be default (installed from ISO), but I saw only that managements can use it. Do we have some limitation compared to gateways ?
It is a benefit to have xfs compared to ext3 from gateway perspective ?
Kind regards,
Jozko Mrkvicka

Yes, you can have gateways with xfs filesystem.
As gateways don't use disk to the same extent management/log servers do, I don't believe there is a significant performance benefit.