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Windows Updates. The Checkpoint managed Updatable Object not covering all Windows Updates FQDN.



I'm Having issues updating servers via Windows Updates not working.


The Checkpoint managed Up-datable Object (called "Windows Updates - HTTPS Bypass") doesn't seem to cover covering all Windows Updates FQDNs.


Likewise checkpoint doesn't support wildcard FQDN objects.


Example FQDN's that are not accessible according to Windows update logs:



Is there a bug with the "Windows Updates - HTTPS Bypass" Up-datable Object for connectivity to Windows updates?


Thank you




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Employee Employee

If you suspect there are gaps with the coverage of an updatable object the route to investigate it further will be to engage TAC.

Side note can I assume that your gateway doesn't have URL Filtering & Application Control enabled?


Per sk131852:

To review the full list of domains, run the following command on the gateway that enforces the services object (Note: These list are dynamic updated by Microsoft) - Example:
# domains_tool -uo "Office365 Third Party Domains"



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