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Where is 1430 Appliance Locally Managed Getting Started Guide?

In Check Point website 'Documentation For Check Point Appliances' there is 730 / 750 Appliances Locally Managed Getting Started Guide , but what I need is: '1430 / 1450 Appliances Locally Managed Getting Started Guide' .

Note that the 1400 appliances can be managed locally as well as centrally, and I prefer the local management option.

Where can I download this required Guide?

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The latest is on the support page for the latest firmware image R77.20.20 bb(sk120473). Here is the direct link.

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The link you mentioned leads to a different publication:

'Check Point 1100/1200R/1400 Appliances Locally Managed Administration Guide', whereas the guide I need is :

'1430 / 1450 Appliances Locally Managed Getting Started Guide' .

Note that for the 730/750 appliances there are both types of guides in the Check Point website 'Documentation For Check Point Appliances' , and each type of guide serves a different purpose for the appliance users.

I need the Getting Started Guide for Locally Managed 1430 appliance, and I expect Check Point to fulfil this necessity.

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I would expect the guide for the 730/750 and 1430/1450 to be exactly the same.

The only real difference between these appliances is central management capabilities.

However, the documentation you seek is here: Documentation For Check Point Appliances 

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As Dameon wrote, the only real differences between 730/750 and 1430/1450 appliances are the central management capabilities - so it makes not much sense to aquire a more expensive 1430/1450, but use it only for a locally managed 730/750. Fact is that 14x0 SMBs managed by a CP SMS are using two processor cores, but if managed locally, only one core is used. Also, an SMS has a lot more configuration capabilities than the GAiA Embedded WebGUI !

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