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When is the System Alert sent out?

What is the trigger of "System Alert" displayed in the following settings?



I want to test this setting, but I don't know how to do it.


Please tell me as much as you know.


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Click on the Question Mark in window title will show you the help text and the following information:

- What are logs?

Logs are specified events that can be tracked and stored in a logging database.

- What are alerts?

Alerts are sent in order to draw the administrators attention to problematic gateways. These alerts are sent:

> If certain rules or attributes, which are set to be tracked as alerts, are matched by a passing connection,

> If system events, also called system alerts, are configured to trigger an alert when various predefined thresholds are surpassed.

By default an alert is sent as a pop up message to the administrator's desktop. Alerts can also be sent for certain predefined system events. If certain predefined conditions are set, you can get an alert for certain critical situation updates.

System Alerts

- Set the default track option for this type of alert

> Alert - Sends a SmartView Tracker alert (this is the default).

> Mail - Sends an email as defined in the options set in Alert Commands.

> SNMP Trap - Sends an SNMP alert to the SNMP GUI as defined in the options set in Alert Commands.

> User Defined Alerts - Sends one of three possible customized alerts as defined in Alert Commands.

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The "Alert" tracking options used to be called "Popup Alert" in the old days, and required the System Alert daemon (which is part of the SmartView Monitor GUI client) to be running on the SmartConsole GUI Client system itself in order to receive the popup alert from the SMS and display it on the administrator's desktop.  These popup alerts are rarely used these days and I don't know if the delivery mechanism for these alerts made it into the new SmartConsole R80+ GUI, my guess is that they didn't.  But I assume one could still run the R80+ SmartView Monitor GUI to receive these popups.

Keep in mind that any alert such as Alert/SNMP Trap/User Defined/Email is always a superset of the Track action "Log", and will always generate a log entry that can be viewed later even if the alert itself failed somehow or was not seen by the administrator.


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