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VoIP - SIP and UDP configuration on SMB 1490


I am going to create separate network only for VoIP phones and as the edge device I want to use 1490 that spent last year on the shelf ( license renewed and valid)  I am not going to filter any traffic, running blades etc just NAT LAN, however I got from VoIP solution supplier (cloud VoIP) what has to be conffigured :

  • User Datagram  Protocol (UDP) must have a 200-Second Keep Alive Timeout. This is because default firewall timeout settings are not suitable for VoIP services.

I've found in "advanced settings" "UDP virtual session timeout" so I assume it will be configured here 

  •  The SIP Application Layer Gateway (ALG) must be disabled to ensure  that SIP Packets are unaffected, thus maintaining VoIP Call Quality.

I've found in Advanced settings" only "VoIP Accept SIP connections to registered ports" and it is disabled by default. 

Could someone tell me if this settings are correct ?


thank you 

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What if turn off firewall completely and all blades and leave the Checkpoint as a router that is doing NAT only ? DO I have to bother with SIP ALG then  ?

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For the first question, you’re correct.
For the second, you need to do:

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