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VSX Performance monitoring (indicators)

I'm curious to know what are you looking at to tell if your R80.20 VSX gateway performance are ok or not?

What can be monitored to see if performance are fine or not?

How can you tell if you are oversized or undersized?

How do you know if it is time to upgrade to bigger server/model?


Thank you!

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First of all look at these documents:
What I use to get a general idea of how a box is doing, my first tool si cpview, it has a lot of different views that will tell you all kind of things like:

  1. CPU load per core
  2. CPU load per VS
  3. Network load
  4. In pre R80.20: the SecureXL Path load
  5. Memory usage
  6. Software Blades 
  7. etc

One of the nice things of VSX is that, if you run VSLS, you can add members and share the load of VS's over the different boxes. This will however not help if you have 1 VS eating up a complete box.

Regards, Maarten
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