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VRRP Design Question


Looking for some design suggestion.

Here is the diagram should explain the scenario. In each FW I have 3 Interfaces, one is WAN and another 2 customer routes or Interfaces configured. 

P1 Interface has Multiple Sub interface. Each of them is /30 subnet and Over /30 remote IP , customer subnets are routed. 

Subnets Configured at P2 Port Sub Interface , is Connected Network. VRRP is configured on this Interfaces. It does not work but I am refreshing these 2 Current Firewall here I am Planning this VRRP to make it work. 

I hope I am able to explain my scenario. In this scenario when some subnets are routed over  P2P network and some are directly connected can I do Clustering ?

or I guess Clustering Considers Full Device right ? But wondering we can do clustering for Subinterfaces connected at P2 ONLY not for the Interfaces where over P2P Interface we routed some subnets. I do not think so still asking. 

Or else If I want to keep it same setup as Some are VRRP and Some are Routed and Redistributed to OSPF , with the connectivity shown will it work  ?

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