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VPN tunnel limit

Hi ..

I want to know the IPSEC Site to Site VPN tunnel limit on 6400 NGFW model but in data sheet , only VPN Throughput (Gbps) is mentioned not site to site vpn connection limit.

Other vendors mentioned it clearly in datasheet like 5000 VPN tunnels etc.


Also no limit for SSL remote access VPN limit is mentioned, how many max user i supported by 6400 NGFW model ?

Please advise.



Thanks & Regards,

Jaspal Singh

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It depends on a number of factors, which is why we don’t publish numbers on the datasheet.
There are no hard numbers on number of site-to-site tunnels supported as it’s mostly a function of memory and throughout. 

In general, having all clients connect via SSL will result in supporting fewer users than would be possible via IPSec, at least prior to R81 where this should be improved.
Your local Check Point office can provide more specific guidance here.


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