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VPN for Guest network



I am new to check point world. Customer has requirement that all the wired guest users should hit the branch fireawll tunnel to the headend firewall and only allowed access is internet access. 

I am bit confuse with the encryption domain for internet. I can configure the branch guest network as an encryption domain for one end but what would the encryption domain for the other end.

Can someone please help me out?

Model I am using is 1490 and 5500 series. 


Thank you,

Nilay Vyas.

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I presume they are both managed by the same management server, if so create a Star topology and add the headend as the central and add the branch as the remote gateway.

Now in the VPN Routing set the routing to the route all traffic through center and from that point all traffic, so not only guest traffic will be sent to the central site.

Regards, Maarten
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