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VPN device behind Checkpoint firewall

Hi Folks,


I am writing to you all to seek your expert advice for leads to fix my issue. I am a total newbie at checkpoint and have been tasked with setting up a site to site vpn which i am having trouble with.

We have a deployment of a Juniper SRX device that will be doing a site to site vpn to a internet destination


Srx -- CP -- Internet router -- Site2

the setup looks like above. while trying to test i can see that the traffic is dropped at the firewall even though the rules are present.

the following porrs are allowed udp 500, 4500 and Esp 50.

has anyone had similar issues and can guide me what has been done wrong?

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So the VPN isn't terminating on the Check Point, correct?
What precisely do the logs say?
Please provide screenshots (redact sensitive data).
Also what version/JHF of gateway.
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