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VOIP polycom ip options issue

Hello everyone,

We are facing an issue with Polycom visio conference (we can't hear the other part) the FW is dropping the packets with this message : 

dropped by asm_stateless_verifier Reason: Invalid IP option on packet;


I put on table.def all the options

but it still fails...

Can anyone please help?

the gateways are running R80.10, serie 12000



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  The IP Options may not be your issue.  We also have a Polycom system and we see the IP options drop all the time going from the internal RPCS to the RPAD in the firewall DMZ.  We also have occasional call drops, but they do not seem to be synchronously tied to the dropped packets with IP options set. 

  I sat through an our long video call the other day waiting for the call to drop in order to be able to send a packet capture of the drop to Polycom for analysis.  However, the call never dropped, but a "fw ctl zdebug + drop" run throughout the hour recorded hundreds of dropped packets for reason "dropped by asm_stateless_verifier Reason: Invalid IP option on packet;"



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