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VOIP - One way audio / Tranmission - Protocol violiation


I have seen a few questions like this asked, but OPs have either not replied or fixed their issue for their own specific environment.

Customer is getting VOiP one-way audio/transmission intermittently.

1. It is probably 1 in every 6 or 7 calls that get affected during the call (I.e. Starts off fine)
2. If a call is made immediately after the call that has just had OWT in the call, the new call has OWT from the start.
3. A log entry for the call that connected and had OWT part-way through, shows no errors (but I assume this is likely because the log was generated when it accepted the traffic, and won't revise itself to reflect any noticeable issues?)
4. The call immediately after (which has the OWT from the get-go) is still an accept log, but has the Alert! and the same warning as posted in the OP's post - "Firewall - Protocol violation detected with protocol:(RTP), matched protocol sig_id:(1), violation sig_id:(9), (500)"
5. The log that gets alerted, shows the same Interface as all the other accepts (without Alert!) but the Interface arrow points UP not DOWN - Maybe a Red Herring, but thought worth mentioning
6. I have asked for a copy of their Rule that the accept log matched, which I'll add once I have it.
7. NAT is being used.


Or is it even just a case of that the CP FW is unlikely to be the cause of the OWT?

I'm trying to help a customer get to the bottom of it, they are not pointing the finger at us/Check Point but we want a prove it one way or another.



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