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VM SDA drive cache, modprobe FAILED, reboot FAILED

When booting a new Management Server VM on R80.20.   (built from ISO  R80.20 T117)   -Thick provision lazy 

The maintenance mode prompt and that white bar that moves from left to write doesn't display.  Instead, I see:

sd [sda] Assuming drive cache: write through

--30 second pause---

modprobe startup FAILED

When I issue a reboot from GAIA, the standard "the system is going down for reboot NOW!" message, then

--short pause--


please stand by while rebooting the system...

R80_SDA drive cache.png

I recently lost my primary management server file system was corrupted, unable to retrieve local snapshot and VM restore failed.  [rough day] I had to promote secondary.  I build a new primary which has no issues.   Now I'm building a new standby.  That info isn't relative to the issue above.  I'm only sharing that to convey how wary I am to discount any error messages.

sk126473 says to reinstall GAIA.    Which I have now twice.  but message continues.  

ISO image MD5 is matchy matchy too.     Anybody have advice?  Phoneboy


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Nevermind. Fixed it.
Needed to use vmware compatibility mode.
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Can you give further information on how to set this option? I have a similar situation.

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